Lady Meetings

HEAVENLY HEARTS’ Lady Meeting Service

HEAVENLY HEARTS' Lady Meeting Service is an opportunity for any of our valued clients to be able to meet ladies through specially organized get-togethers. We understand that some clients may not always require Membership Services and if a client is planning to visit an overseas location e.g. Ukraine, Russia or Eastern Europe, or is already there, being able to meet a lady in person whilst in the country is often the best and most direct way of getting to know her.

What a HEAVENLY HEARTS personalized meeting includes…

- HEAVENLY HEARTS contacts the lady or ladies on the client's behalf

- HEAVENLY HEARTS arranges for the lady to meet the client upon her

- HEAVENLY HEARTS provides the client with the lady or ladies’ contact details (i.e. to the extent that the lady has provided us with said details)

Cost of HEAVENLY HEARTS’ Lady Meeting Service…

There is no set cost for this service due to the varying nature of the contributing service aspects e.g. which ladies need to be approached, how many ladies need to be organized for, where they are located and where the meetings need to be held etc.

Such details will need to be discussed with HEAVENLY HEARTS personnel prior to an overall cost for the personalized Lady Meeting Service being estimated. Please contact HEAVENLY HEARTS Customer Support via our web site Contact Us details to discuss our HEAVENLY HEARTS’ Lady Meeting Service, how we can best help you and an estimated cost.

Remember, you don't have to be an Upgraded Member to use this service. This service is available to ALL Registered Members of HEAVENLY HEARTS!

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