Keepsakes List

HEAVENLY HEARTS Keepsakes List Service

HEAVENLY HEARTS’ Keepsakes List Service is now available to all Upgraded Members!

Q. What is HEAVENLY HEARTS’ Keepsakes List Service?

A. The Keepsakes List Service is a function that allows Members to keep a record of Lady Profiles that they may be interested in.

Q. How does a Member use this service?

A. In order to access the service you first of all need to be an Upgraded Member of HEAVENLY HEARTS. If you are not already a Member, you will first need to JOIN HEAVENLY HEARTS. JOINING is FREE! If you are currently a 1-Star Member you will need to UPGRADE YOUR MEMBERSHIP to either 2, 3 or 4 Star level or become a subscriber to the New Release Gallery.


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As an Upgraded Member you can use the Keepsake Service at any time. When you would like to maintain a Keepsakes record of ladies in whom you are interested, all you need to do is go to any lady’s Profile Page and click the [ADD TO KEEPSAKES] button underneath her Profile Picture.

Members can access their Keepsakes List of ladies at any time. It can be done by doing the following:

Log-in to your HEAVENLY HEARTS Membership account. Once inside your personal Membership account please sellect the KEEPSAKES tab. You will then be automatically taken to your Keepsakes List Page.

If at any time you wish to modify your Keepsakes List by removing any number of Lady Profiles, simply click on the word ‘Delete’ beneath the picture of the lady whose Profile you would like removed from your list.

For any further questions, queries or information, please use the below Support Service link...