Our Story

Our Story - the Founders of HEAVENLY HEARTS: Malcolm & Luda

"When I started my journey to find a lovely lady for marriage, I had no HEAVENLY HEARTS to help and support me. In fact, there was no-one back then who was even remotely experienced or trustworthy enough to offer any modicum of reliable and professional support and guidance. There was your usual bunch of scammer web sites whose only claim to fame was their expertise in conniving men and stealing their hard-earned money by having them believe that the women they promoted were real and true. Some of these scammer web sites are still around today, still promising men the same unrealistic fantasy ideal with dolled-up pictures and women paid to sit and chat - for a fee to the scammer company, of course. Time has moved on, dirty tricks have become dirtier by scammer companies and it is just as difficult to know who to trust - with one exception...HEAVENLY HEARTS."

This is how Malcolm's story began...

HEAVENLY HEARTS has been helping couples find love and happiness as well as offering honest, reliable and professional service since its inception in 2002.

While it is true that anyone can look for true love, what is also true is that in order to find it, you first have to be looking in the right place and second you need to know what to do - and what not to do. Experience counts for a lot and HEAVENLY HEARTS offers just that to both its male and female customers and clients. Experience, guidance and support is something that we at HEAVENLY HEARTS are able to offer those men and women who are now standing where we both once stood - at the start of a new, interesting, exciting and ultimately rewarding journey...

Malcolm & Lyudmyla

Malcolm & Lyudmyla's Story...

Told by Malcolm in his own words..

There is no-one who knows better about painting a picture than the artist himself.

There is no-one who knows better about climbing a mountain than the mountain-climber himself.

There is no-one who knows better about running and winning a race than the athlete himself.

There is no-one who knows better about falling in love with a woman from Eastern Europe - and marrying her - than the man who became her husband. Well, I am happy to say that I am such a man.

Malcolm & Lyudmyla in the Crimea,
Ukraine (2001)

My name is Malcolm and I am from Australia. I am now very happily married to a beautiful, kind, loving and faithful woman from the Ukraine. I am indeed a very, very lucky man to have met my darling wife, Lyudmyla. Our story, I believe, is a testament to the fact that true love is real and can be obtained by anyone, anywhere - providing they go about the right way with the right guidance and support.

I always wish that there had been HEAVENLY HEARTS to help and guide me when I started my search. Fortunately, men now can take advantage of something that was unavailable to me - that is the outstanding service and support offered by HEAVENLY HEARTS.

Our story is very much a story of dedication, devotion, compatibility and commitment. Without these, I wouldn't be what I am today - a man with a beautiful and loving wife, a new and wonderful life, and the opportunity to live and enjoy it day-to-day.

For those men whose deepest wish is to enjoy a wonderful life by finding the best and most compatible woman to marry, knowing where to look is not always easy. However, the location I would definitely look FIRST if I were single man (not that I'd ever want to be again) and looking for a wonderful wife, would definitely be Eastern Europe. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

It has been my experience that the women from Eastern Europe are, above all else, kind, loving, faithful, honest, hard-working and BEAUTIFUL! They have so many wonderful qualities that it is not hard to see why more and more men from differing nations are looking towards Eastern Europe for the chance of finding a truly wonderful woman to be their wife and lifelong partner.

All my life I had wanted to find a wonderful woman with whom I could fall in love and marry. I had looked and looked in my own country, Australia, for an Australian woman with whom I was compatible, but no matter where I looked or with whom I spoke, I just couldn't find the woman of my dreams. Now, in hindsight, I realize that I would never have met her because my dream wife wasn't to be found there. What I am thoroughly convinced of, knowing what I now know, is that Eastern Europe is where I should have commenced my search, years before; but, as old the adage goes, 'better late than never'.

Malcolm & Lyudmyla at 'Old Sydney Town',
Sydney, Australia (2002)

The fulfilment I have now found in my life started long before I sent my first letter of introduction. I was 41 years old when I wrote that first, letter of introduction to my darling, Lyudmyla and 42 when I married her. Lyudmyla is approximately 10 years younger than I. We are so compatible and get on so well together that it is as if we were made for each other. I am so happy now. My life has indeed changed - and for the better. Before I met Lyudmyla I was a very lonely and unhappy man. I had never been married before and I can now honestly say that Lyudmyla is, and has been, my one true love.

I suppose I hadn't realized just how lonely and unhappy I really was up to this point. It wasn't until after the death of a close family member, and a brief overseas holiday trip I went on to the U.S.A. that I saw for the first time the extent of my loneliness. Everywhere about me there were people enjoying the company of others and there I was - alone, having no-one to share life's experiences with.

Many years before my trip to U.S.A., I remember seeing a television documentary on women from Eastern Europe and just how wonderful they are. The thought of these women stayed with me because, upon my return to Australia, the notion of turning my attention towards Eastern Europe was all that I could think of. I had looked in the country of my birth, but to no avail. Okay, enough was enough. So I took the first step towards personal fulfilment and true happiness - I looked towards greener pastures and away from a barren vista.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a lot of bad press circulating by ill-informed people saying that Eastern European women are money-hungry gold-diggers who want to use a man - WRONG. Of course there are always rotten apples in every barrel - the scammer element. This can be said of people from any country. Let me firmly stress that in my opinion, having had MUCH to do with people from both Ukraine and Russia, that most women from Eastern Europe are EXCEEDINGLY trustworthy and open and honest about life. Fundamentally they want what any ordinary women wants - that is a loving husband, a comfortable home and a happy life. I think most men yearn for a wonderful wife with whom to share life and happiness. I know I did.

Malcolm & Lyudmyla at 'Jenolan Caves',
N.S.W, Australia (2002)

At our Ukrainian wedding, a good friend of ours told me of an old, Russian anecdote. Basically the anecdote said that originally, in the time of creation, people were paired together as a loving whole, such as in garden. On an eternal tree the fruit of their love blossomed and ripened. In due time, a passing storm ravaged the garden causing the fruit on the trees to be dismembered and split in half. The fruit was then scattered by the wind, the two perfect halves being separated. Before the fruit perished forever it was necessary to reunite the pieces so that the unity and love that was once a whole, could be made whole again. Time passed and many of the pieces were never reunited. They withered and decayed. Some, however, found each other and became whole once more. Our translator likened Lyudmyla and I to this fruit, commenting that she had personally witnessed the two halves being reunited and become whole once more. In life there are many fundamental truths that are shrouded in mythology and make-believe. The legend of the fruit, I believe, echoes a fundamental truth, that being there IS someone out there who is perfect for each and every one of us. It may not be the person next-door or down the road. A person's perfect partner could very well live on the other side of the world, as my darling Lyudmyla did. The rule of thumb is to always keep searching until that perfect partner is found. It may be a lonely journey, but the rewards at journey's end go beyond words and far into the realm of immense self-fulfilment, wondrous love and lifelong bliss.

Making the decision to turn my attention towards Eastern Europe - and the wonderful women there - was the best decision I have ever made. Yet, I learned all-too-quickly that making the decision to start my search was the easy part. What came next was infinitely more difficult. It was difficult because I had not done anything like this ever before in my life. I wondered how to begin.

HEAVENLY HEARTS offers experienced and seasoned professional support and guidance to our valued customer and clients.

I gave my situation a great deal of thought and what I knew I needed was help and guidance - but there was none available. I know that if I, for example, knew nothing about bushwalking and was interested in becoming a bushwalker, before I took my first step into the bush I would speak with someone experienced about the do's and don'ts, the ups and downs, the where, ifs, buts, and maybes, the hazards and pitfalls, and the possible misinformation and misdirection a person can pick up along the way.

Malcolm & Lyudmyla at the 'Blue Mountains',
Katoomba, Australia (2002)

Just like bushwalking, or any other untried pursuit, finding a marriage partner can be a very daunting and hazardous undertaking if a person has next-to-no experience on how to go about doing it. I was such a man - once.

The main problem facing me at this point in my search was that there was absolutely no-one experienced enough to offer me that much-needed guidance. I was on my own and it was frightening. I knew there was that pot-of-gold at the end of the rainbow, but I didn't how to go about getting it. It was frustrating.

Giving my situation much thought, I did the only thing I really could do under the circumstances - I went ahead into the unknown, without guidance, support or any form of direction. I was an inexperienced traveller and the odds were that I would very quickly get lost.

Of course, if I were undertaking my journey now, things would be a lot easier for me as I could simply turn to HEAVENLY HEARTS for professional reliable help, guidance and support - problem solved.

In commencing my search I started perusing the Internet, investigating the available 'marriage' and 'Russian and Ukraine bride' sites. Some sites talked a lot but said very little. Other sites talked very little and said even less. Not one of the sites I came across offered me that much needed guidance. I was going nowhere fast. The more places I investigated the more confused and lost I became. I tried e-mailing companies with questions but received next-to-no replies. The one company that did reply, I felt, was more interested in my wallet than my circumstance.

I spent a great deal of time just reading bits and pieces from a cross-section of locations, trying to glean as much information as I could to help me in my quest. I stayed well clear of forums and gossip sites as I definitely did not want contrived anecdotes or unreliable gossip mongering. I wanted sound, professional help. I think that I must have visited over fifty sites. In the end they all tended to look and sound the same. Also, they all tended to say the same thing and make the same empty promises.

Lyudmyla with kangaroo at 'Featherdale Farm',
Sydney, Australia (2002)

Not wanting to be defeated so early in my quest, I continued as best I could. I started to compile all the separate shreds of information that I had gathered and piece them together in order to try and make sense of it all. This took time.

Again, if there has been HEAVENLY HEARTS to turn to, I could have saved myself a lot of time and frustration by getting straight answers to my questions and the best professional help and guidance available.

As there was no HEAVENLY HEARTS to turn to back then, I formulated some sort of makeshift plan and strategy. I really wasn't sure whether my strategy was good, but it was the best I could come up with and all I had at this point in time.

In all, my two greatest fears were: 1) making an error in judgement that would hamper me finding a good woman, and 2) being ripped-off by some unscrupulous web site who would take advantage of the fact that I was a novice at all of this.

Sure, I was honest. But who else was? I was unsure of whose word to trust or what to believe. All I had to go on was gut-instinct. I did a lot of thinking. I came to the conclusion that knowing what sort of person I was interested in meeting was of paramount importance. I had to get it clear in my mind what I wanted and who I thought would be compatible, for if there was no compatibility, there would be no future together.

I knew for sure that what I didnt want was a phoney, angelic, glamourized bimbo - the kind that the scammer company element (which was nearly every web site) was trying to force on me. You know, ¦the type that was too good to be true. The kind that was extremely high maintenance; that lived for money and was a cold as charity. I didnt let myself fall into that trap i.e. the 'bimbo trap.

Sidestepping the bimbo trap, I came face-to-face with one of the fundamental truths about love and the search for love i.e. it is not 'prescriptive'. Also, love is more than being conned by 'arm candy or a heatless bimbo. So how could I know who was potentially right for me? I had to start somewhere..

I gave a LOT of thought to what sort of woman would best suit me. I asked myself many questions about what I liked in a woman, things such as personality, looks, intelligence, life experience etc. I came up with a picture in my mind's eye about the sort of woman I would love to have as my wife. She had no name, no real face as such. She was basically a rough mind-sketch that was still a long way from completion. I put this sketch firmly in place in my 'mental Geiger Counter'. It was something I planned to use when faced with the many, many photos and profiles of woman that littered cyber space and that I knew I was soon to be confronted with.

Lyudmyla overlooking the Jamieson Valley,
N.S.W., Australia (2002)

In addition to thinking about what sort of woman suited me best, I also gave a LOT of thought to the notion of what sort of woman would not suit me. What was there in a woman that I didn't like? I made a mental picture. I also put this information in my 'mental Geiger Counter'. I knew that the BIGGEST mistake I could possibly make was to let a woman's photographic appearance cloud my judgement. I knew that I had to approach such things as unemotionally and dispassionately as possible. I was not prepared to 'fall in love' with a picture. As far as I was concerned, falling in love was a long way down the track. There were a lot of hurdles to overcome first!

I targeted web locations that offered access to ladies profiles that met my personal interest criteria and did not showcase the fantasy bimbo type. This proved more difficult than I expected as the shady, scammer sites and the bimbo element were definitely in the majority. It was tough going.

If only there had been HEAVENLYHEARTS back then to help me in my quest!

Lyudmyla at 'Good Forest',
N.S.W., Australia (2002)

The first site I took a chance on was smaller, site at the time. It later turned into a big scammer site with an equally big and dirty underbelly. I quickly found out that I had made my fist mistake in even considering having anything to do with it. I felt let down by the sheer complacency of the site personnel's approach. The ultimate result was immensely disappointing as I had good cause to believe that their women were either not what they seemed or non-existent. I got away from this site as quickly as I could.

The second web site I looked into was much larger with a higher profile, though, as I later learned from Lyudmyla, it was grossly out-of-touch with its women and just as untrustworthy as the first. As it turned out, Lyudmyla didn't even know that she was on this company's site. A friend of Lyudmyla's was also on the site and had been for years. She knew nothing about her representation either. As far as the company was concerned, they were simply women with addresses to sell - unbeknownst to the women themselves.

HEAVENLY HEARTS takes an active role in liaising with all site ladies in an on-going capacity and making sure that they are who they say they are and that they are available!

Malcolm at 'Darling Harbour',
Sydney, Australia (2002)

With this second company I again looked at photo's, scrutinized profiles. As before, there were women who caught my attention and women who didn't. As I looked at the many profiles I made written notes about the women who matched my criteria so as I could refer back to them if necessary. One woman I kept coming back to over and over was Lyudmyla.

HEAVENLY HEARTS enables clients to archive web site lady profiles in their HH Keepsakes List area for on-going and future reference.

I made a list and narrowed it down. Using a 'bulk plan' I accessed the postal addresses of about thirty women. I chose to write to six of them at first. Not expecting success, I made a list of the next women I would write to when I received next-to-no responses from the first group of letters I sent. As it happened, Lyudmyla was featured prominently amongst the first six ladies I wrote to.

I approached the writing process with trepidation, simply because I didn't know what I needed to write. There were no guidelines and no HEAVENLY HEARTS to ask. Fortunately, as a professional writer and former teacher, I knew how to write. It was what to write that proved difficult for me.

HEAVENLY HEARTS offers letter-writing support for those who need help and guidance with getting their foot in the door introducing themselves to ladies.

Using my abilities and experience, I set to work on writing a letter that would have the effect of impressing the lady that I had chosen to write to. My methodology was to put myself in the place of the lady. I questioned myself on what content I would want to receive in a letter of introduction if I were a lady and how would I like it to be worded etc. It took me longer to write than expected because I wanted it to be perfect. I knew that I had only one shot at success with a lady and it had to hit the bulls-eye first time. I wouldn't get a second chance.

Lyudmyla with emu at 'Featherdale Farm',
Sydney, Australia (2002)

Lyudmyla later told me that mine was the third letter of introduction she received from a man. She said that I was right in thinking that my first letter would make or break her interest in me. Lyudmyla, like nearly all women from that part of the world, is very discriminating and had dismissed the letters from the other two men because they were poorly written and made the men appear insincere and uninteresting. My letter sparked an interest in Lyudmyla that prompted her to want to correspond more.

What I also made sure of including in my correspondence - in addition to my written letter - was a high quality portrait photo' of myself. Without one, I knew my chances were next-to-zero of ever getting a response.

Out of the six letters I sent, four women wrote back. Lyudmyla was the second. The first woman to write back gave me a misplaced thrill. Someone actually had written to me! Initially, the fact that a woman had written back made me lose touch with my mental Geiger Counter. I wrote about two letters to this first woman respondent before I started to realize that perhaps this woman was not the right one for me. I also quickly found out that the address I had been given was not her own personal address - but a third party company's address. I also quickly learned that the woman had not told the truth about her past relationships. Contrary to what she had first said, it later came out that she had indeed been married before. Not wishing to pursue this association any more, I wrote a polite letter to her explaining my feelings and wishing her well in the future

I received Lyudmyla's letter next. It was late in coming because Lyudmyla spoke very little English at the time and needed to find a translator to assist her. I was in no way put off by this. What mattered least of all to me was whether Lyudmyla could speak fluent English. What mattered most was the type of woman Lyudmyla was - kind, loving and understanding. The fact that she was also a very beautiful woman was an added bonus!

Lyudmyla afront the 'Sydney Harbour Bridge',
Sydney, Australia (2002)

The moment I read her letter I had a feeling that she may indeed be the one for me. I commenced corresponding with her fervently. Two other ladies out of my first batch of introductory letters sent me a positive response. I heard nothing back from two others. I politely wrote back to the two ladies who had responded explaining that I was now corresponding with someone else. Thus I continued writing to Lyudmyla.

My lovely lady - Lyudmyla- couldn't speak English when we first started communicating with one another. But this was of little importance as a language can always be learned. What was important to remember was the fact that we were highly compatible and got on famously. With this established, there was no issue we couldn't work around in order to find happiness together.

We wrote two letters to each other per week. I was so excited to receive these letters from Lyudmyla that I checked my email inbox at least one hundred times a day.

All through our courtship I insisted on assisting Lyudmyla with the expense relating to sending and receiving letters, translator services, English language programmes and other necessary expenses by sending her money. I also sent her gifts that showed my affection.

If I had been able to utilize HEAVENLY HEARTS Service Structure back then to help and guide me with a trip to Ukraine, I would have saved myself a lot of time, money and effort!

Lyudmyla at 'Curl Curl Beach',
Sydney, Australia (2002)

We corresponded for no more than six months before I accepted Lyudmyla's kind invitation and started planning to visit her home in Kharkov, Ukraine. Again, I had no-one to help me so I had to make all the arrangements myself - which was an expensive challenge. I had to find out all the information relating to visiting Ukraine. Lyudmyla helped me from her end as best she could.

Again and again I had to do and arrange everything myself. At the time I made costly mistakes because I had no-one like HEAVENLY HEARTS to assist me in avoiding the pitfalls of the process. Thankfully, HEAVENLY HEARTS is here now and can help men streamline their quest and help them attain success.

In organizing for my visit to Ukraine in October, 2001, I approached several very reputable local travel agents, all of whom knew next-to-nothing about travel arrangements to the Ukraine. I must have spent hours making those plans - which turned out to incorrect in the end due the lack of knowledge of the travel agent about Eastern Europe.

HEAVENLY HEARTS - as seasoned and experienced professionals - helps their customers and clients avoid the pitfalls by rendering accurate information and guidance

On my first visit I mistakenly (thanks to the misdirection of the woeful travel agent) arrived at Borispol airport (near Kiev, the capital) - a long way from Lyudmyla's home. Lyudmyla met me at the airport and from Borispol we drove to Kharkov together by car.

I stayed at Lyudmyla's apartment in the spare room she had set up for me. I met her mother who lived together with Lyudmyla. She is a terrific person. I love her dearly. We got on famously right from word 'go'.

In all I spent four glorious weeks with Lyudmyla. We spent nearly all the time together. We went sightseeing, for walks in the forest, to the theatre, to the huge Kharkov markets and around the city. We also went on a 10-day holiday to the Crimea, which was heavenly.

Before I visited Lyudmyla, I felt that she was the right one for me, but it was very important for us to meet in person in order for us both to confirm that we were also physically compatible.

I had deliberately chosen to hold back on any talk of marriage until we first met in person. I wanted to make sure that the chemistry was there. It was! I proposed marriage to Lyudmyla during my stay. I had bought with me, as an engagement gift, a beautiful necklace. She accepted my proposal. The next day we went shopping for an engagement ring.

My stay in the Ukraine ended all too quickly. When it came time to say goodbye we were both so very upset. We wanted to be together, but there were many things to think about and organize. The immigration process is, at the very least, rigid, lengthy and intricate.

Malcolm & Lyudmyla on our Wedding Day,
Kharkov, Ukraine (2002)

From the day I returned home I set about obtaining the necessary visa that would enable us to be together again. I was told at the time that it was not an easy thing to obtain – never a truer word was spoken. There were mountains of paperwork to compile, documents, records, photographs, testimonies etc. It took me months of hard work. Lyudmyla worked extremely hard too. After many months of work and much money, we were granted the visa. Nowadays, obtaining visas to countries such as Australia is infinitely more difficult. You definitely need to get the help of an experienced professional such as HEAVENLY HEARTS to help and guide you.

HEAVENLY HEARTS helps its customers and clients in all visa matters with their outstanding and experienced Visa Service.

Lyudmyla arrived in Sydney, Australia in February, 2002. We had such a wonderful time together. It was like we were already married. Lyudmyla found Australia to be very different from the Ukraine. There was much to get used to. We visited many places such as the Blue Mountains, the beach, wildlife sanctuaries, many city sights. All in all, Lyudmyla enjoyed her time in Sydney and was keen to live there with me as my wife.

Just like our parting in Ukraine, the day Lyudmyla left Sydney to return home, it rained. We were both extremely upset that again we had to be separated.

Whilst she had been visiting, we commenced preparing the next stage of Lyudmyla's visa. I investigated, organized and wrote the documentation myself. As before, Lyudmyla assisted with documentation from her end and undertook many visits to submit the necessary application components.

After the submission and an application interview, we just had to wait. Lyudmyla was so nervous. After several weeks of waiting, and in order to calm Lyudmyla's anxiety, I called the submission centre to see how the application was progressing. To my surprise and delight I was told that we had been granted the visa. I was so excited that I telephoned Lyudmyla - but she wasn't home. Finally, when she returned, I told her the good news. She thought that I was joking. When I told her that I wasn't, she was over the moon with joy and relief.

The HAPPY couple!

We made plans to have two marriage ceremonies; one in Kharkov and the other in Sydney. I once more travelled to Ukraine. Lyudmyla and I were married in the central cathedral in Kharkov in September, 2002. I stayed six weeks in the Ukraine. We were again married a month later at our home in Sydney. We had a small romantic ceremony with close family and friends. Lyudmyla now speaks excellent English and has a vast familiarity with Australian and Western culture.

Lyudmyla is an experienced businesswoman and financial planner, having solely managed her own business in Ukraine. I am a writer, academic and former teacher. With our combined experience and expertise we have formed HEAVENLY HEARTS so as to help and guide others who plan to undertake a similar venture.

Our motivation behind the inception and creation of HEAVENLY HEARTS has been to allow us to use our knowledge and expertise in a practical way. We have developed HEAVENLY HEARTS so that it not only offers men and women the opportunity to find lasting romance and companionship, but also a comprehensive range of support services that our clients can draw upon for guidance and assistance.

HEAVENLY HEARTS is something that was not available to me at any time in my efforts to find my true love and perfect wife - my Lyudmyla. I only wish that it had been...


Lyudmyla and I are still very happily married and HEAVENLY HEARTS is still going strong...

Lyudmyla and I have seen a lot of changes in the time we have been together and very happily married. Providing a wholly honest, reliable and professional service in an almost endless parade of corrupt and criminal Internet scammer web sites has made us the targets of a campaign of lies deceit and falsehood generated by those competitors who see us a threat to their dirty web site money-making tactics. There is nothing they haven't or won't try in order to try and stop us providing honest, reliable service to our many customers and clients. Regardless of these scammer tactics and dirty underbelly web sites, HEAVENLY HEARTS will continue to provide the BEST and MOST PROFESSIONAL introduction / marriage agency web site and associated web service available!

HEAVENLY HEARTS is internationally renowned for being dependable, reputable and professional. Our outstanding ability to help our customers and clients achieve success is unrivalled!

There have also been many changes in the attitudes of ladies and the ways and means of going about finding one's Special Someone since Lyudmyla and I first started our personal search for love and happiness – which eventuated in us finding one another.

Eligible ladies are interested in meeting eligible men sooner rather than later. Writing a long swath of letters is no longer the most effective way to achieve success.

Writing to ladies still has its place. However, for the majority of honest ladies, nowadays writing is in no way as important as meeting a man in person. Our HEAVENLY HEARTS ladies are serious about finding a man for marriage and a long-term relationship. They have no inclination to joke around or waste time – that is left to the scammer element on scammer web sites who promote a lengthy letter writing period as a means of stringing a relationship out in order to accrue revenue. The longer the letter writing period, the more dirty money goes into the pocket of the scammer web site and the scammer woman used to con the man hooked by her over-the-top love letters (written not by the woman, but by a third party).

Honest ladies want to meet a man in person and do not want to drag things out via contrived, syrupy correspondence that locks a relationship into a permanent holding pattern for the purpose of revenue gathering.

Ladies like dealing with HEAVENLY HEARTS as they understand...the need for getting on with things and for eligible interested men and women to meet and ascertain if their union has the potential to grow and develop. This is why our web site ladies are appreciative of our personalized ROMANCE TOUR SERVICE that aims to bring men and women together in a safe, secure environment and with forward-moving momentum.

There is nothing wrong with shopping around for a lady. We browse every day for everything from toothpaste to motor cars according to one's own personal selection criteria. So why should searching for a lovely lady and life partner be any different? The answer is – it shouldn't.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with shopping around for a lady. Meeting and getting to know a wider cross-section of ladies has emerged as the BEST way to find the BEST possible lady. Narrowing a search down to one or two ladies does not give someone a wider perspective on possible lady candidates and a potential life partner. Experiencing what is on offer by meeting those who embody the most potential enhances one's ability to compare and contrast – and ultimately choose the one who is most likely to go the distance in a long-term relationship.

HEAVENLY HEARTS can help and guide you in finding that special person for a lifetime of love, happiness and togetherness. Our unique methodology has assisted our many successful customers and clients find the Lady of their Dreams.

Malcolm has achieved lasting happiness with his lovely lady wife, Lyudmyla via the HEAVENLY HEARTS method that they developed together over many years of being and working together. What worked for Malcolm and Lyudmyla can work for you too!

Please don't hesitate to contact Malcolm and Lyudmyla as they are the best people to help you on a personal level. Their HEAVENLY HEARTS web site and hand-on approach has helped many lonely people find a lifetime of happiness…please contact them today. They can help you to achieve success!