HH Scam Report

From time to time, we here at HEAVENLY HEARTS get called upon to respond to a variety of requests, comments, accolades, criticisms and questions on all kinds of subject matter. One medium of response we choose to use is our series of articles coined 'Food for Thought'. In such articles we aim to discuss and where necessary expose and debunk many falsehoods and misconceptions relating to the Internet. Through our 'Food for Thought' articles we also provide a professional appraisal and authoritative perspective on many key issues that may be of interest and/or concern to our clients and readers in general.

This article is perhaps one of the most important and significant critiques you are likely to read in relation to dating sites and introduction agencies as it serves as a very important warning against one of the Internet's biggest scammers – the nefarious cyber-spectre known merely as 'Jim'. Also, the unseen dangers of believing unsupported hearsay and propaganda found on forum sites and sites that pretend to be authorities on 'Internet scamming'.

Who Anti-Scams the Anti-Scammers?

A treatise on the elaborate con known as 'Jim's Lists', the disreputable dating agency believed to be behind the whole scam and the dangers of taking the word of grubby cyber spectres and self-appointed 'authorities' like 'Jim' seriously and at face value.

In short, 'Jim's Lists' is one of the biggest scams on the Internet and should under no circumstance be trusted or believed!

We've all, at one time or another, been given cause to question the honesty and integrity of those select individuals in the social hierarchy who occupy positions of authority or 'higher' authority. The 'authority figure' is someone we are indoctrinated to accept as a symbol of virtue, something sort of like Superman, but this time with the underwear worn well and truly on the inside. The indoctrination process is so successful that we accept – and all too blindly – anyone touted as being an 'authority'. With cobalt blue underwear that was once widely recognisable no longer on public display, it is difficult for anyone to see a large letter 'S' on a huge and pouting chest anymore. So, recognising a legitimate hero-saviour amidst a crowd of drably dressed 'wannabes' is not an easy task.

To help us we have our great and glorious elected officials offering 'authority' jobs to those who satisfy the related requirements, whatever they may be. No-one seems to know for sure, save those that do the hiring.

Kite-makers, window dressers, golfers, greengrocers...just about anyone can be an authority on something. However, it's those that are 'in' authority, such as judges, police, bailiffs and so forth that appear less as authorities in a practical 'greengrocer' sense and more as the well-concealed belligerent right arm of Authority itself. The difference between authority being in someone and someone being in authority is the amount of power delegated to the authoritarian figure and in what ways they in turn use this power to enact their authoritarian presence.

Not to be confused with those whose experience, knowledge and intelligence make them the obvious choice to be the vanguard of hope for a better tomorrow by treating 'authoritarian principles' with the contempt they so rightly deserve, we have, on the other hand, those who have been 'given the nod' – the Echelon, for want of a better term. Those in the Echelon have all been legitimized by the Powers That Be as having met the requirements set down by the Powers That Be to the greater glory and betterment of the Powers That Be. And so say all of us!

Professional 'authority figures', having been legitimized with a widey recognised stamp of social approval, and in possession of the necessary personal qualities, whatever these might be, to rise above all others in accepted standards of personal virtue, are expected to play their part exactly as it has been scripted – no ad-libbing or plot deviation will be allowed or tolerated. They do what they are told by those who tell them what to do. When all is said and done, theirs is the brand of authority that is condoned and that carries a stick – usually a big one. It's a stick that when placed in the wrong pair of hands, can leave quite a sizeable welt on the spirit and resilience of those who are prone to offer even the slightest modicum of resistance.

Acting the part also means dressing the part. No long, flowing cape or customized utility belt is to be found here. Standout heroics are shunned; except when nobody is around to see. That's where the stick comes in. Anonymity is customary. It's how to be a part of the whole without being a whole part. That's the way the Powers That Be like it and that's the way the Powers That Be want it to remain. Conformity is good for business. A happy customer is as good as money in the bank. And so say all of us!

We are told to hold the 'authority figure' in some form of high esteem, though the reasons why we must is really never fully explained to us. It seems that by being an unwitting part of the collective whole, we're subjugated to lick the authoritarian boot that can, when it is so designated by the Powers That Be, kick us. It's just accepted like so many other things. If we didn't, the wheels of 'Justice' as we know them would grind to a halt. It's something quite unthinkable - and very bad for business.

With everybody wanting to believe and straining their neck to catch sight of a hero that will deliver them from the clutches of the villains in amongst us all, still nobody has, as yet, come-up with the magic formula that will allow us to differentiate between who amongst us is actually on our side fighting for truth, justice and all that sort of thing, and who is out only for themselves; a profiteer. Where is that fella in the red and blue tights or the lady with the golden lasso when we really need them? I guess trying to spot them is like trying to explain the overall difference between the light-play of dusk and dawn.

Can a costume be a uniform or is a uniform really a costume? Because we are so quick to accept the authority figure on face value - because that's the accepted norm - we tend to lose any impetus to ask who, what, where, when and why; the most important question here, of course, being 'Why?'

Does the appointed 'authority figure' deserve our acceptance, if at all? If so, why? Just because someone is dressed like judge; does that make him a judge and worthy of passing sentence without fear of reproach? Just because a thespian acts in the same manner as a brain surgeon on stage or screen, does that give him the knowledge and skills to really operate or is it all just a part of the show? Just because someone proclaims himself to be an 'authority', has the outward appearance of being an 'authority' and who carries a stick like someone in 'authority', do we automatically take it for granted that he is an 'authority'? Is the benefit of the doubt something that should be given without any scrutiny whatsoever or should the doubt be a benefit that is given freely, but not taken lightly?

The Internet is seen as many things to many people. It both reinterprets and reinvents its origins without fear of disapproval from anyone. The intrinsic nature of the cyber world has many parallels to the real world. However, in one respect it differs – and significantly. The politics of the Internet never have, and probably never will, serve to delegate authority; in cyberspace authority is something that is self-proclaimed, self-appointed and self-answerable. In cyberspace you don't need someone to bestow on you black robes and a powder wig. You don't need someone to hand you a soiled tin badge and a grimy pair of handcuffs. You don't need someone to issue you khakis and a hand grenade. All you need is a big stick, someone to hit and someone nearby to watch it all happen. And so say all of us!

On the Internet, credentials don't mean a thing. Comparatively, they're about as relevant in cyberspace as having an IQ. The 'Power To Be' rather than the 'Powers That Be', is that by which authority is delegated. Unlike the real world, in the cyber world everybody is largely on their own to act according to their own devices. It is a unique opportunity to be oneself - for better or for worse, for richer or poorer and so on and so forth. However, we can appear to drift all alone on a sea of fiberoptic particles and, unbeknownst to ourselves, still be part of the human condition and social conditioning of the real world. The compulsion to cow-tow to accepted norms is a shackle that is hard to break free of, even in cyberspace. Our obedience and subservience to the customs of the real world forever work against us and allow our thoughts and our opinions to become coerced and subsequently enslaved in the same form of voluntary bondage as that found in the real world. We are bound so expertly that we continue to accept because we are told to, believe because we are told to and comply because we are told to.

In cyberspace, 'authority figures' are manufactured in much the same way as they are in the real world. For example, take someone or something, dress it up to be recognisable in some way, shape or form and then give it a big stick. Presto. Instant authority. You can also give it an arbitrary name such as Phil or Bob, even Jim.

Then, once you have your 'Jim' established, it's time to give him something to do with the stick, such as give those he determines to be 'undesirable' or a 'scammer' a good bashing in front of an unwitting Internet audience. His reasons for the bashing can be as justifiable as anything you might find in the real world. However, the reasons don't really matter or even need to be divulged to a mesmerized audience and conclave of Jim groupies; all of whom are entertained by the antics and wildly destructive mayhem on public display. Nobody really cares why. It's the bashing itself that takes centre stage and draws the most interest.

Jim 'McCarthy' he's not, but he could be. Jim's brand of witch-hunting and stick bashing isn't at all new. It doesn't matter who invented it. It has a purpose and it works, that's all that is important. It's an old ploy and an effective ploy.

Not forgetting that heroes are in short supply in this or any other world, lets make Jim's facade appear to one and all as an honest and forthright protector of people everywhere – at no cost to anyone. It really doesn't matter who pays for Jim's set-up as long as it isn't us. Right? How wonderful. It seems to me that Jim's apparent philanthropic penchant for 'do-gooding' for free has all the hallmarks of a Batmanesque benefactor who exists only to serve the forces of justice and niceness. It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So what if Jim is the spitting image of Batman or Superman or even John Dillinger; another celebrated hero-type that sits alongside the likes of Billy the Kid, Alex from A Clockwork Orange and Ned Kelly. These were all thought to be great guys once and certainly legends of a similar sort. But why knock a gift horse like Jim? He's supposed to be on our side and in our corner, at least that's what his own publicity suggests. I say it's wonderful that this modest cyberspace Lone Ranger prefers to do all his good deeds and crime fighting behind a mask or with a cowl plonked on top of his head. In a sense, it isn't all that important to really know who the masked marvel is that is helping us so freely, that is as long as he keeps on doing it gratis. Right? I mean he does it, doesn't he? Right? And out of the goodness of his heart. Right? Right? And he does it with money out of his own pocket. Right? Right? There is no ulterior motive behind his actions. Right? Right? Right? Money never comes into it. This is cyberspace remember. Yeah, right!

Isn't it marvellous that we can suspend our doubt so much and to such a degree that we can ignore Jim's true identity, where he comes from, what he does to earn a crust, what he really looks like in the broad light of day without a mask or a dark coloured cowl to obscure his features, where he gets the money to fund such an operation and where he can find the time to do all of this whilst everyone else is out breaking their backs trying to make ends meet. Why wouldn't anyone want to hero worship such a sterling character like Jim?

Hey, wait a tick...Now that you mention it, someone could ask, who is Jim really and why would he want to do something for nothing? Where does it get him? Does he have a screw loose somewhere? Who in their right mind would want to spend their days and nights chained to a computer just waiting to expose a meagre handful of alleged dating site scammers and the agencies that allegedly endorse them? Also, in recognition of his selfless achievements, why doesn't he want everyone to know his true identity so they can say to his parents what a wonderful character he is for helping everybody for free? Also, by knowing his address they could go and give him a big, brass medal to wear on his chest; that is assuming he has a chest to put it on. Come to think of it, no-one has ever seen pictures of Jim, which doesn't come as much of a surprise in view of his preference for anonymity.

Hey, wait another tick...could that then mean that somehow, maybe, Jim might not be real flesh and blood? Unthinkable! Could it be that perhaps Jim is only a figment of someone's crooked imagination and concocted so as to dupe one and all into believing what he says is true and not a prefabricated lie? Perish the thought!

Hey, just a moment...could Jim really be little more than a cleverly contrived cyber tool used by a faceless company - perhaps a dating agency with a squeaky clean image that toots its own horn about being better than everyone else - to discredit other dating agencies (business competitors) whose honest business practices have the potential to draw clientele - and most importantly revenue - away from the faceless company? No, never in a million years! It's not about money...or is it? Don't they say that money makes the world go 'round? Why then should cyberspace be any different?

Hey...maybe this squeaky-clean company isn't so honest as it makes out. Maybe they use a cyber spectre like Jim to draw suspicion away from themselves. Instead maybe they use Jim to 'point the bone' at the Competition. With the Competition discredited, Jim's faithful followers - all firm, dedicated, hard-core believers – take in every shovelful of slop this self-proclaimed and self-righteous mouthpiece tosses their way. Whatever Jim says, goes – and so does the money. It goes to fill the coffers of the faceless company. As far as slick operations go, this is a real beaut. With a front man like Jim that is all shadow and no substance, the faceless company's tracks are very well covered. Even the most seasoned bloodhound would have a hard time exposing the corruption behind Jim's elaborate and extensive con.

Wow, having said this, wouldn't someone be an absolute fool to believe such a faceless nobody as Jim and his disreputable conduct simply on face or faceless value? The answer is a firm YES! But then when a con is so slick and well organized, people can be tricked very easily. That's how a 'confidence trickster' works. You believe because you want to. Truth, fairness, honesty and justice don't ever come into it. At the root of all cons is money and Jim's con is no different. It's a big money spinner for the faceless company and all its cohorts it gets money from to get Jim's approval and move-up on his acceptability list. At the very top of the list, no surprise to anyone, sits, of course, the faceless company - no longer faceless, just very well disguised. It's virtue is assured as who would ever believe that someone who Jim touts as being #1 could ever be involved in such shady, corrupt dealings as Internet stick bashing? The irony is both delicious and pathetic. A nod from Jim pays off in a very big way ($$$). So, if you are a competitor, why make waves? Instead, why not just be a significant part of the cash flow? Why even try to beat them if joining them is a more lucrative option? A little graft can go a long way in Jim's moneymaking operation.

However, not everyone has the same yellow streak down their back as Jim does, not to mention Jim's backers and all their cohorts. There are those that resist and just like in the real world, they get bashed for it. As Jim's infantile philosophy embraces the banal belief that not being part of the solution immediately makes you part of the problem, so too it serves to reinforce the fact that Jim's hypocrisy knows no limits. What the real problem actually is and what the necessary solution needs to be gets smoke-screened by Jim. It is in fact Jim who is the problem and the solution is nothing short of his mandatory castration (in a figurative sense) and the destruction of his ludicrous list and his ability to influence the confidence potential clients have in service providers whose only real crime is to offer services that are in competition with the faceless company responsible for Jim's creation and his on-going destructive handiwork. As an authority on anti-scamming, Jim is nothing short of a being a full-on joke - and an unfunny one at that. However, as an expert on scamming, Jim can truly be considered an 'authority'. His shady backers have seen to that.

What goes hand-in-hand with the power wielded by community endorsed 'authority figures' (whether of the real world or of cyberspace) is the potential for the abuse, exploitation and corruption of relative power. Jim is a perfect example of such abuse. It is a frightening prospect that such corruption and exploitation, seen often enough in the real world, has now spilled over into the technical universe at a very fundamental level. The acquisition of money is at the root of it as it is with most things.

There are many victims of Jim's on-going mayhem and madness and his destructive brand of chaos needs to be stopped. They are ways to do this. The best and most effective way is to drive him (and his whole entourage) from cyberspace with a bigger stick than the one he currently wields – and the sooner, the better. It is imperative that as many people as possible are made aware of the corruption embodied by Jim, as an unsavoury, destructive mouthpiece and the criminal business interests behind his presence that use the '4 Horsemen Approach' to slander the Competition and hijack their paying clientele. Boycott both Jim and the agency of scammers pulling his strings. In fact, do anything it takes to see that Jim and his silent partners no longer benefit financially from a confidence trick that unjustifiably brings into disrepute the reputation of legitimate agencies. In addition to this, take a moment or two to ask yourself a few brief questions. Ask yourself...who judges the judges? Who polices the police? Who reports on the reporter? Then pose the question, who anti-scams the anti-scammer? The most appropriate character to pose this question to is Jim, but don't be surprised if you fail to get a response. It's a question that he just doesn't have an answer for - and never will.



It is widely known in the trade that Jim's Lists is itself nothing more than a contrived scam, perhaps one of the biggest and most successful 'agency' scams on the Internet. Its sucker list of true believers is no less than 100 times longer than Jim's bogus scammer list.

There have been articles published on the Internet claiming to have definite proof that a dubious dating outfit known in some instances as EM was behind Jim's Lists and that EM attempted to squash the articles because they named names of individuals involved in the Jim's Lists scam. We can neither prove nor refute the claims made in the articles or on the Internet due to the con being so slick and covert, however we know where we stand on the matter and whom we know is indeed behind it all. If you are in doubt as to just who the culprit is, I'm sure it isn't hard to guess just which 'agency' appears at the very top of Jim's list of recommended service providers. The facts speak for themselves.

As HEAVENLY HEARTS isn't a boot-licker and refuses to participate in the Jim's Lists scam, in retaliation HH has had a trumped-up allegation made against us by an anonymous 'critic' on Jim's bogus site. No solid proof has ever been provided to support the allegation and no evidence whatsoever proving the allegation and who actually made the allegation has ever been forthcoming. At best, it's nothing more than contrived hearsay. So much for verifiable proof!

These are the facts regarding the allegation:

The allegation is an outright lie.

The so-called allegation never happened.

The accuser was never at any time a Member of HH. This we know as what was stated in the allegation was cross-referenced with our records and there was not a shred of supportive evidence found that could give any credence to the complaint.

(How many other competitors of the 'faceless company' has this also been done to? The answer is too many!)

The cyber-spectre 'Jim' never at any time contacted us. This is a lie.

We attempted to contact 'Jim' though his bogus site to refute the allegation. Our emails were never returned. We were not surprised as it was never their intention to remove us from this list. It is more profitable to slander us by suggesting impropriety on our part. False as the allegation is, it works in their favour.

More questions, but no answers...

Below are other questions we challenge you to find answers to (if you can). If you can get verifiable evidence pertaining to just one question, then you are doing better than anyone else ever has.

Who is Jim?

What is his full name?

Where does he live?

Where is his proof of identity?

What does he really look like?

What are his qualifications, if any?

Where does the money come from to finance his web site operation?

Who is really behind the Jim's List scam?

Why can't Jim be contacted by any means other than email (that is if he can be contacted at all)?

Who are the 'anonymous' spectres that make the complaints to Jim?

Where is the hard evidence to support the allegations made on Jim's lists or is hearsay all that is required to slander and condemn someone Jim takes a 'dislike' to?

You be the 'judge'. However, the facts speak for themselves!

P.S. Don't be surprised if Jim tries to make more heated accusations against us as no crook or crooked company likes to have their dirty laundry aired in public. Jim and his backers are no different to any common criminal in this respect.

HH Site Surveillance Recommendation: AVOID this dubious site!