HH Scam Report



NO mistake in the last three letters of this shonky pseudo-Internet dating outfit (I think you know who we mean). It is just another in a long line of tacky sites with a seedy and malodorous underbelly. Co-managed by equally dodgy and covert Russian/U.S. 'business' interests, we've had numerous complaints regarding it and requests for an appraisal of this murky site. Due to its already fetid reputation by those who have had contact with it and have sorely regretted ever believing the associated propaganda, it stands as an on-going threat to the already besmirched reputation of well-established Internet marriage/introduction agencies with honest and ethical business practices.

Our investigations have led us to the conclusion that as both a service provider and as a means of finding the love of your life, 'Fiance.CON' is just about as useful as a square wheel and just about as palatable as plate of rancid whey. It should under no circumstances be trusted or patronized by discerning men – and women – who are looking to find legitimate, professional and reliable marriage/introduction agency representation and their respective life partner.

Finding something good to say about Fiance.CON is difficult, largely because there is nothing good to say about it. However, what can be noted is that it excels in the truest Faustian tradition of having a service structure that is tantamount to doing a deal with the Devil. In other words, they win – you lose. In any deal with this particular devil, you can lose everything from your money to a chance of finding that Special Someone. They spare you nothing and you'll come away with nothing except empty pockets and a sense of distrust towards all Internet marriage/introduction agencies on the face of the planet. You get left gut-punched and dollar drained, yet they'll simply move on to the next trusting chump who's prepared to risk his heart and wallet in the belief that Fiance.CON will deliver everything their web site propaganda promises. Wrong!

Who is seen to vouch for Fiance.CON? Well, no-one really. Self-praise is their only real mode of recommendation, as there seems to be no-one else willing to speak on their behalf (perhaps nobody wants to), except via optimized anonymous hearsay prominently positioned throughout its own dubious on-line web site forum. This hearsay is noteworthy as it takes two distinct forms, that being the wholly positive and the wholly negative. There is no middle ground here. Through self-directed positive hearsay found both on its web site pages, and, most influentially, on its own prominent forum, Fiance.CON sanctimoniously promotes itself as being the 'be all' and 'end all' of Internet dating sites (surprise, surprise). It paints a picture of itself as being so squeaky clean that you could almost cringe. The excessive back patting and irritating overuse of hyperbole and superlatives (that is Fiance.CON talking about itself – which is pretty much the only thing it does talk about apart from money) is positively nauseating and adds up to nothing short of a crock of trite codswallop that extols the dubious virtues of Fiance.CON and makes them look just too perfect and too good to be believed. When something or someone looks too good to be true; it, or they, usually are. This is definitely the case with Fiance.CON. Their claim to perfection hinges not on hard evidence, but on the inbred forum say-so and gossip mongering of unidentified 'forum ferrets' that have the obligatory bland pseudonyms to hide their 'real' identities. Why hide? If Fiance.CON is so fantastic, why not come out of the shadows and vouch for it with more than just a forum alias, a big mouth and empty words? The answer is that there is no-one to come out of the shadows because there was no-one there to begin with. Just like the insidious and notorious cyber slanderer 'Jim', they are ALL shadow and absolutely NO substance whatsoever. They are concocted cyber entities used as tools to make both unsubstantiated positive accolades promoting Fiance.CON as a trustworthy business and unsupported negative allegations denigrating Fiance.CON's business competition. In the same vein as Jim and his fraudulent 'lists', contrived negative forum allegations are used as a means of discrediting legitimate Internet introduction/marriage agencies and in so doing promote themselves (Fiance.CON) via the criticism lodged against Fiance.CON's competitors by a truckload of nasty, veiled forum ferrets. It's a slick con. Mud sticks as they say. The negative forum hearsay is well optimized (probably in a 'black' way) to achieve prominent placing in search engine results thereby giving the impression that the search engines are also in support of the bogus forum claims. In the same way the optimized negative forum gossip derides Fiance.CON's competition, the contrived and heavily optimized positive forum gossip paints a rosy – and totally false - picture of Fiance.CON being beyond reproach. It's a great scam indeed!

Using Fiance.CON's very own well-optimized search engine forum - and the forum hearsay it writes and posts itself - to say everything negative and nothing positive about its competitors; especially those that pose the greatest threat to cutting into its on-going source of revenue, is indeed a great ploy. For the same fundamental reason that 'Jim' has taken a swipe at HEAVENLY HEARTS for no justifiable reason, Fiance.CON has now pulled the same kind of stunt with its defamatory – and wholly anonymous - forum feedback. I wonder why? Is it because Fiance.CON as a business rival views HEAVENLY HEARTS as a serious threat to its on-going source of revenue? The threat of lost revenue appears to be so great that it has used its bogus forum to post some highly critical and defamatory hearsay about us – all of it, of course, being completely false and misleading. However, the legitimate truth is not the issue here for Fiance.CON, the financial truth is all that really matters and the financial truth is that all business opposition that poses a threat must be 'rubbed out'. It sounds like something straight out of a 1930's gangster novella and difficult to believe of it being applied to the commercial side of today's Internet. However, the historical truth is that where money is concerned, gangster principles and the art of dirty tricks will always be in vogue and will never go out of style. Interestingly, the truth, the real truth is that the forum hearsay and allegations lodged against HEAVENLY HEARTS are totally ludicrous to say the least. There isn't one shred of proof offered to in any way support the hearsay allegations. The claims of impropriety have been lodged against us by a mob of anonymous forum ferrets and they are as bogus as both the contributing ferrets and the forum itself. The hearsay is so well contrived that it says everything negative that a devious con artist would want to say in order to coerce potential client believers (suckers) into forsaking the heavily slandered and discredited service provider (seen as we, the Competition) in favour of the pseudo-heroic Fiance.CON (the Devil in disguise). It's a dirty trick, but Business is a road paved with dirty tricks and iniquitous tricksters all toting a trunkful of scams, cons, rip-offs, swindles, flimflams and humbug. As far as Internet con artists go, Fiance.CON is on a definite par with 'Jim' and a whole host of other similar shysters.

So, with little else going for it and in order to oust its business opposition (we are a case in point), Fiance.CON relies almost exclusively on one of the biggest dirty Internet tricks of all - the Internet forum. In cyberspace, Internet forums are fundamentally hostile worlds that remain wholly unto themselves. They promote and deal almost exclusively in Gossip, Rumour, Hearsay and Innuendo (the 4 Horsemen of The Media Apocalypse). With Internet forums, particularly ones attached to corrupt Internet-based scam sites such as Fiance.CON, there is no accountability. Pre-fabricated forum ferrets (the gossip mongers) with nicknames as odious as their forum babble, spew forth their savage, critical diatribe full of unfounded criticism aimed at specific targets so as to discredit them in the eyes and minds of both forum spectators and potential clients of the Competition. Certainly, through its own unique brand of personalized hype and hogwash, a corrupt Internet 'business' such as Fiance.CON will attempt to separate itself from any association it has with the 7 Deadly Internet Sins: Chicanery, Character Assassination, Client Poaching, Self Embellishment, False Advertising, Corruption and Hypocrisy. If its contrived tactics work, if believers (suckers) believe, then it will have successfully discredited yet another opponent in its ongoing bid for prominence and the acquisition of more and more money.

But how can Fiance.CON 'appear' to be so prominent, so successful and so saintly without support from real people, real believers? The answer is that in cyberspace, the best way to obtain supporters – that is, if you don't already have them - is to just fabricate them. And that's exactly what they've done. Upon a closer inspection of Fiance.CON's so called 'support base', we have found it to constitute the following:

  • The praise of unidentified forum ferrets on Fiance.CON's very own web site forum (in other words FAKE TESTIMONY)
  • The praise Fiance.CON endlessly gives itself on each and every page of its very own web site (in other words UNSUPPORTED HEARSAY)
  • The meagre comments of a handful of unidentified nobodies on Fiance.CON's own web site Testimonies section (in other words FAKE TESTIMONY)

Mmmm…it's not all that impressive when you consider that not one single entity giving any form of praise to Fiance.CON is able to be identified or proven to be a real. It stands to reason that if formless entities giving Fiance.CON credit are bogus, then the credit must also be bogus – and that's exactly what it is. Resorting to lies, tricks and falsehood is a searing inditement against Fiance.CON's overall dishonesty and corruption.

Proving its true professionalism and reliability, HEAVENLY HEARTS boasts a Testimonies section with REAL people, REAL relationships and REAL feedback from people whom REALLY EXIST. Their pictures and video footage are a testament to their reality and HEAVENLY HEARTS ability to do what it claims – be SUCCESSFUL in helping clients find each other.

In comparison, what can Fiance.CON boast about? Well, they do have a (ha, ha) Testimonials Page which no-one could really expect to take seriously; not with less than a handful of written testimonies; testimonies with NO PICTURES, NO AUTHENTICATION, NO VERIFICATION, NO DETAIL and NO TRUTH – JUST ALL HEARSAY.

The closer one gets to real truth about Fiance.CON's 'credibility' and 'professional conduct', the staler the air quickly becomes. When you get through all the hype, hearsay, lies, corruption, dirty dealing etc. and get down to tin tacks, Fiance.CON looks exactly like any one of a thousand other small-time, shabby Internet dating sites all offering the same things and all making the same promises all of which they can't keep. Fiance.CON tries to hide its shortcoming and true appearance by wrapping itself up in coat of words that promote it and denigrate others. It's somewhat like an all-night diner bathed in neon and spotlighted by unseen 'shadow men' hidden from view by the dark. The cloak of night hides the decrepit side of its facade, which is only ever truly discernable in the clear light of day. However, if the sun isn't allowed to shine, how is its unembellished appearance, the dirt and muck, the true face of a second rate laundrette like Fiance.CON, ever going to be seen for what it really is?

The only way to combat dangerous, conniving cybershonks like Fiance.CON, the 4 Horsemen of The Media Apocalypse, 'Jim' or anyone else similar in conduct or motives is to NOT BELIEVE CYBER BABBLE, SQUELCH INTERNET HEARSAY, STEP ON FORUM FERRETS & CYBER SPECTRES, CLOSE YOUR EYES to UNSUPPORTED ALLEGATIONS, SLANDER & MISLEADING JARGON.

It's time we all took a stand against the perverse tactics of those inhabitants of cyberspace whose conduct makes them part of the Internet's Underworld. Perhaps before things get to the point where there is no turning back, we need to keep a tighter hold on the reins and not let the horses bolt from under us towards a destiny they cannot be turned back from.

HH Site Surveillance Recommendation: AVOID this dubious site!