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Did you know...?

Did you know...that most ladies prefer meeting a man face-to-face rather than corresponding with him for a lengthy period of time, computer-to-computer?

Did you also know...that HEAVENLY HEARTS now offers customers and clients a time-saving way to plan for a forthcoming meeting with a lady or ladies, whilst concurrently getting to know them better and more personally?


With our PRE-TOUR PACKAGE you get the following:

  • 2 months communication with ladies
  • UNLIMITED Free Letters
  • UNLIMITED Email Forwarding
  • 25 letter translations
  • FREE tour consultation and organization assistance


Frequently asked questions by men interested in finding a foreign lady for marriage and a long-term relationship...

Why is it necessary to go to all the trouble of visiting a lady?

Why can’t I just write to her from the convenience of my home computer for as long as I want?

Can I get help from HEAVENLY HEARTS in the lead-up to visiting a lady with Services and Support?

Here are the answers...

HEAVENLY HEARTS can help clients with all aspects of Romance Tour planning, providing necessary Services and offering essential Support.


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HEAVENLY HEARTS pays attention to what both our male and female clients tell us regarding their feelings and preferences in relation to romance interaction.

The consensus of female opinion is that ladies have become increasingly frustrated and disenchanted at receiving just letters and little else from interested men. Many men who write to ladies give the impression of being interested, but often give no clear indication of when, or if, they intend to meet them. It has been said that the true test of any burgeoning relationship is in a face to face meeting. A couple can write hundreds or even thousands of letters to each other, but what has to happen sooner or later is that they have to physically and personally meet. A meeting can make or break a developing relationship and many men, we have found, will avoid or put-off such a meeting for any number of varying reasons.

Things being what they are, it is easier, both financially and bureaucratically for the man to visit the lady than it is for the lady to visit the man. Here's why...

Ladies usually do not have the funds to pay for domestic travel, let alone global travel. Even if they could afford it, obtaining a visa is nigh on impossible to acquire for single ladies, especially ladies who come from Eastern Europe. Also, most Eastern European ladies work long hours (sometimes at 2 or 3 jobs) and many do not have regular access to the Internet. In short, they just don’t have the money or opportunity to travel to a Western-based country, regardless of the impetus.

Conversely, most men have a greater flexibility, both financially and in terms of overall opportunity, to travel to other lands for the purpose of meeting and getting to know ladies.

Men also need to remember that contacting Eastern European ladies either verbally by telephone or by written correspondence, is a great first step. However, it needs to be followed by meeting with ladies face-to-face and within a reasonable period of time.

Communicating, in a preliminary sense, with ladies is great and they are generally all for it – up to a point. Finding out as soon as possible if relations have the potential to go the distance is mandatory. That’s where personally meeting the lady is essential...

Having a man introduce himself via written correspondence or telephone translation is something most ladies are familiar with and will respond to – as long as it doesn’t go on for too long. An ever-increasing number of ladies no longer prefer men writing to them due to the fact they receive a constant stream of correspondence and have a hard time differentiating the ones who are sincere from those who aren’t. For these ladies it is easier to tell who is serious by having a man come to meet them in person. This way both parties can determine early on whether the relationship has potential. Writing for months on end and then finding out after a lengthy period that there is no spark between them, can waste an inordinate amount of time for two people. Finding out as soon as possible if things have the potential to work saves everybody time, money and stress.

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We here at HEAVENLY HEARTS understand that a man can often have his cap set for one particular lady and that lady alone. Be careful of making a long term commitment based on a short term association! Love at first sight sounds very idyllic. It would be great if things really did happen that way and always according to popular Hollywood folklore. In reality, finding that particular person who is the true love of your life is more like finding a needle in a haystack, rather than as a result of divine intervention. Crooning to the lyrics of “Some Enchanted Evening” and taking its poetry of verse as gospel won’t help you much and will probably cause you to be turned-off finding the right lady due to inevitable disappointment. Perfect matches don’t grow on trees and certainly the right lady won’t effortlessly fall out of the sky into your lap. Good relationships have to be dug for, worked at, sweated over, cultivated, nurtured and brought to fruition by intelligent, well-planed action.

Putting all you eggs in one basket at the very outset can lead to disappointment if the basket gets dropped!

The more ladies a man introduces himself to and/or meets, the greater are his chances of finding that Special Someone.

Based upon our personal and professional experience, we have always maintained that the more ladies a man introduces himself to and/or meets, the greater are his chances of finding that Special Someone. A man may have to pay a visit to a foreign destination more than once in order to find his soul mate (mostly if he doesn’t do things the right way the first time around). However, with careful and well thought-out, professionally assisted planning (such as with HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour Service Structure), a man can do it right the first time and meet a wonderful, loving lady as hoped – and planned.

A familiar scenario is that of a man quickly falling in love with a lady’s picture and declaring that SHE is the one for him. He writes to her and she writes back and immediately she is the only lady in the world for him. He is smitten, yet he knows very little about her and she about him. On the surface it’s the stuff that Hollywood dreams are made of. For no matter what is said, nor what caution is offered, the man has only one lady in mind and can only see a positive future with her and her alone. However, problems invariably arise when the bubble eventually bursts. Expectations are shattered when, upon meeting the lady in question, that much-needed spark isn’t there. In the wake of such an eventuation, all that remains are two people with nothing between them. Where do they go from this point? Well, many times we at HEAVENLYHEARTS have had to step into the breach and arrange for the man (as well as the lady) to meet other potential partners. Interestingly, many, many times when we introduce the man to several other ladies we think may be potential partners, he invariably finds THE one. Of most surprise to the man is the fact that it is a lady whose picture he initially dismissed or was unaware of, but who, upon meeting, found that she was the lady that he had indeed been searching for. She’d been in the haystack all along, though the man didn’t know how to go about uncovering her whereabouts.


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In order to avoid a disappointing scenario, we recommend that a man approach more than one lady and not become overly attached to any one of them until he is sure that she is truly the right one for him – and this only after they have met face-to-face. There is nothing wrong with a man corresponding with several ladies with a view to meeting them in order to find out just who ignites that necessary 'spark'. Going to meet ladies in a more personal manner is the most necessary and sometimes the most difficult (emotionally) step up to this point.A man doesn't have to make the trip to another part of the world to see just one lady.


HEAVENLY HEARTS can both help and advise clients on what steps to take and what moves to make. We have been there and done that many times. Planning for that inevitable meeting is important and should be done in all seriousness and with the most precise scrutiny. A mistake in judgement can be costly, so why not let the professionals help you (and the ladies) by providing you with the means to make your endeavours pay off time-wise, money-wise AND relationship-wise?

Here’s how...

A man needs to 1) find a prospective female partner, 2) introduce himself and get to know her, and 3) meet her face-to-face in order to judge whether the physical and emotional aspects come to together in one positive package. If they do, things have a large chance of working out. If they don’t, things grind to a halt.

Getting to know a wider circle of ladies prior to visiting them gives you the best possible chance of having one turn out to be Miss Right when you eventually meet.

With HEAVENLY HEARTS’ PRE-TOUR PACKAGE you get to introduce yourself to ladies via our highly successful and professionally organized Support Services. You have 2 months (a period of time that’s not to short and not too long) to get to know a number of ladies with a view to meeting them in a follow-up trip to their country and city. Being prepared and organized is a big plus and leaves you free, when you meet, to socialize and get to know a lady on a first-hand basis. Getting to know and meet ladies through a HEAVENLY HEARTS PRE-TOUR PACKAGE is one of the best ways to go about making the most of your visit. It is something that no-one else professionally offers as no-one else has the wherewithal to get the results like we do!


  • 2 months communication with ladies
  • UNLIMITED Free Letters
  • UNLIMITED Email Forwarding
  • 25 letter translations
  • FREE tour consultation and organization assistance

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