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The best thing about HEAVENLY HEARTS is the fact that we work at a worldwide scale. One can’t call us a sole Russian marriage agency, or a Ukrainian marriage agency, because we feature women from both those countries and even more. If something unites all those ladies that make profiles at the site, it is their wish to find a real man abroad. When you come to us, be ready to face hundreds of women that meet your personal requirements. We’ll have to work together to find THE ONE AND ONLY. That’s what HEAVENLY HEARTS does – we help people meet and achieve happiness.

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Our agency will meet all your requirements, find the perfect match, make your communication easier and what not. It’s just as clear as the sky that you will find your woman here. It doesn’t matter where she lives or where you live. Only feelings are important and it’s quite foolish to think that you can just sit there and wait for the great love of your life to come. A man has to act and act fast. Just make your way from conversation to affection, from phone calls to dates with our careful and constant assistance. We always do what we can to see another happily married couple. HEAVENLY HEARTS is your key to a loving new family!