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HEAVENLY HEARTS is a professional international marriage agency for single men interested in finding Russian single sexy women. All single Russian women shown on our website are marriage-minded and available for correspondence. We will provide you with the opportunity to meet and to establish relationships with the most beautiful, lovely, sexy and intelligent Russian single sexy women available. In addition, HEAVENLY HEARTS DATING MARRIAGE AGENCY is expert in assisting our customers and clients in how to go about introducing yourself to Russian single sexy women first time. When writing to a lady initially there are a lot of accepted do’s and don’ts.

Our recommendations regarding the art of introductory letter–writing – and it is an art – comes from years of experience and respective writing expertise. A well-constructed, well-planned letter can often make or break a relationship. Over time we have received a great deal of feedback from both ladies and gents. These contributors all made a point of stressing that a good first letter makes a good first impression and first impressions count – whether they are visual, verbal or written. So, what does a well-constructed letter have that a badly constructed one doesn’t? Well, it must be well-planned and well-thought-out. Tips: make your letter interesting and intelligent. A boring or half-hearted letter will often end up in a lady’s bin. Topics to avoid in first letters are things like politics, pet-hates, marriage plans or already being deeply in love with the lady you are writing to. Speak casually, yet with the affirmation that you are serious in your intentions. Talk about things that will put the lady at ease and give her a greater understanding of the man who is writing to her. Tell her about your general past as opposed to your personal past. Intimate details at this point only generate embarrassment. Talk about your immediate family (no former lover horror stories), your job, your hobbies, your social outlets, whether you smoke, drink etc. Don’t forget to ask her questions – of course, nothing in bad taste. Giving her your attention will show her your interest and help reciprocate warm feelings. Make your tone positive and happy. A forlorn letter rates a ‘0’. At HEAVENLY HEARTS we have professional writers on staff to help with letter requests. We do ghostwriting, romantic poetry and personalized wordage upon request. Remember it’s important to make that first letter work for you and hit the target ‘dead centre’. If it misses, there won’t be a second opportunity. Please visit our web site and take a look at our Services & Prices page. Think love and marriage – think HEAVENLY HEARTS!