Ekaterina Novikova

36 years, Ukraine, Donetsk

About me

Height: 169 cm / in approx.
Weight: 169 kg / lb approx.


Name: Ronnie Oudy Hi! My name is Ronnie Oudy I’m now i meet a girl and i will say girl not to be rude to what i really think. please I’m sending you this message to warn other guys about this woman her name is Ekaterina Novikova you have her surname as different and her address is different she gave me an address 28,flat 7 Pilotnaya street Donestk. now to cut a long story short i just came back from the Ukraine she took me for a ride and took my money and dumped me in the apartment. Which she works not the office like she said i didn’t know until i found her business card she accidentally left behind, now i had to get the Australian embassy to bring me home. plus the email address she uses not the one she gave you i don't any other male to go through what i went through. she uses her real estate business to suck people like me in to rent them out not knowing it's her business. So please warn everyone not to deal with her. I’m not blaming you not going to know.