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Having HEAVENLY HEARTS help find sexy Ukrainian wives is but the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Getting to know your lady more personally and perhaps intimately takes time. It isn’t a race; it’s an accepted part of courtship. But what steps does a man take when he wants to get to know a lady on a more personal level? Well, with Western women being what they are in both nature and behavior, it takes a particular social approach to even get to first base with them. Even then the likelihood of ‘striking out’ is exceedingly high. Many Western men have said to us that they feel some women (from the men’s country of origin) tend to treat it all as a game, where they call the shots and make the rules.

Every week we add new profiles of single Ukrainian women to our on-line database. Every month we receive letters of thanks and praise from our clients of sexy Ukrainian wives who have found their soul mates and ‘Special Someone’ through our marriage dating agency.

Statistics have shown that the average divorce rate of couples from Western-based countries (a Western man and woman) is way over 50-60%, while the average divorce rate of inter-racial couples (a Western man and a woman from a foreign country) is under 6%. The facts speak for themselves. So how does a man go about getting to know a lady from Russia, Ukraine or Eastern Europe? I suppose it all boils down to understanding both the personality of the lady he loves and, just as importantly, the country, culture and society that she comes from. Russian and Ukrainian ladies like closeness and attention from their men. Words can be seen to hold as much weight as gifts to an Eastern European lady. Personalized terms of endearment, or ‘pet names,’ are an accepted part of courtship when the man and woman are approaching a deeper level in their relationship. You may have seen or heard of differing variations of Russian lady or girl’s names. Russian names commence from a more formal name to a more intimate one. Which one you use depends upon the level of your relationship. For example: Ludmila (formal); (Lucy/Lucille – English variation); Lyuda (friendly variation); Mila (deeper variation); Milochka (intimate variation); Lyusya (generic variation) and Lyudochka (intimate variation). Being familiar with names and how and when to use the correct variation is very important. It is all part of understanding your lady via her country’s social mores. On our HEAVENLY HEARTS web site Russian Lady Names section, we go into greater detail by outlining the names of ladies and their variations in terms of familiarity. We invite you to visit our web site and read this and much more on the history and culture of Russia and Ukraine. This is one of our many helpful support services provided by HEAVENLY HEARTS in the interest of assisting both our numerous customers and clients. At HEAVENLY HEARTS we care more about you and the success we can help bring you.