Andrew & Iuliia's Romance Tour & Wedding


After I saw Malcolm & Lyuda’s interview on the Today Tonight television show I became a Member of HEAVENLY HEARTS. I wanted to find the lady of my dreams – and I did. To begin with I decided to become a 4 Star Member of HEAVENLY HEARTS as it allowed me to contact any lady of my choosing. As a 4 Star Member I was also able to utilize the numerous Support Services to help in contacting and communicating with ladies. On the advice of Malcolm & Luda from HEAVENLY HEARTS, I started communicating with many ladies instead of just one or two. I felt this was good advice as contacting many ladies gave me the added advantage of gauging just which ladies I was most compatible with. I introduced myself to ladies though written correspondence. I got to know many lovely ones this way. After corresponding with them for a short while I talked to Malcolm & Lyuda about undertaking a HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour. The Tour was planned for very thoroughly with Malcolm & Luda ensuring that it was personalized so as to enhance my chances of meeting those ladies who were most compatible with me. I visited several cities in Ukraine including Kiev and Kharkov. It was in Kharkov that I first physically met a beautiful lady named Iuliia. We hit it off straight away. I found it difficult to tear myself away form her, but I had planned to visit other cities including Poltava, Vinnitsa & Donetsk. Everywhere I travelled to I met wonderful and attractive ladies. The city experiences were fabulous. However, it was Iuliia who stayed in the back of mind. After I had visited the remaining cities I headed back to Kharkov and once again met Iuliia. We found that we had much in common and enjoyed each other’s company so much that I decided to stay longer. By the end of my time there I knew without a doubt that Iuliia was the lady for me. I shall never forget spending New Year with Iuliia, her family and friends. It was a wonderful occasion and helped to bring us even closer together...

Shortly after New Year I had to return to Australia. I missed being with Iuliia so much that I wanted to just jump on a plane and bring her back with me. Of course, things are not that simple. I once again consulted Malcolm & Lyuda on the matter. As Malcolm is also a professional writer and has written many visa applications – with 100% success rate – I commissioned him to assist us in the matter of future Australian immigration for Iuliia. This was an important matter for both of us as we were both contemplating marriage and a long term relationship with one another. Having Malcolm & Luda assist and guide us with the application was the right thing to do in view of our feelings for each other. I am so excited that I can’t wait for us to be reunited. Life is great and we owe our happiness to HEAVENLY HEARTS. They are the BEST!!! I recommend HEAVENLY HEARTS to anyone looking for love and happiness with the right person.

Andrew (Sydney, Australia) & Iuliia (Kharkov, Ukraine) January, 2008

Below are pictures of Andrew & Iuliia together in Australia after HEAVENLY HEARTS successfully assisted them with their Australian visa application!




Andrew & Iuliia's Australian Wedding...

Andrew & Iuliia's relationship and marriage is an on-going success!

Andrew & Iuliia continue to be incredibly happy with each other, their marriage and their on-going relationship. They contacted us recently to give us a general update on how things were progressing. They also wanted to share some pics of their Australian wedding and give us a clip they prepared themselves recommending HEAVENLY HEARTS as an outstanding service provider and integral in helping them find one another, and in helping them achieve success via their relationship and marriage.