Bruce & Tatiana

Bruce had wonderful success on his recent HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour to Ukraine. With the extensive and professional help and support of HEAVENLY HEARTS, Bruce found, meet and became engaged to the lovely Tatiana. Both Bruce and Tatiana couldn’t be happier! Bruce’s story is one like that of so many other men who come to HEAVENLY HEARTS for the best possible help and guidance. Bruce was eligible and looking for a lovely lady to share his life with. Having seen HEAVENLY HEARTS featured on national television, Bruce registered with HH and very quickly realized that a fully organized Romance Tour was the best possible way for him to find his special lady and achieve success. Bruce had lengthy discussions with Malcolm & Luda from HH, who helped him plan and organize his comprehensive Romance Tour to Ukraine. Much effort, work and planning went into the lead-up to Bruce’s Romance Tour. Such planning is essential for a RT so that everything will run as smoothly as possible – and it did. When Bruce arrived in Ukraine, HEAVENLY HEARTS had everything ready for him including airport transfers, transportation, accommodation, guide/translator assistance, meetings with ladies, social venues, planned trips to designated locations to meet eligible ladies and much more. Bruce travelled to several Ukrainian cities in his quest to meet his special lady. He also met many eligible ladies along the way. Ultimately, Tatiana was the lady that took his fancy. She reciprocated interest in Bruce and they spent time getting to one another. They got on so well together that they arranged to go on an organized sightseeing trip to Kiev, Odessa and Uman in Ukraine. Bruce and Tatiana had a simply wonderful together. At the conclusion of their trip, Bruce had made-up his mind about Tatiana’s eligibility as a soul mate and wife for him. He contacted HEAVENLY HEARTS in order to get further assistance with the purchasing of an engagement ring and assistance/advice in the best way to approach making a proposal of marriage to Tatiana. HEAVENLY HEARTS was there to again offer much needed support for their client. Bruce took everything HH recommended on board and subsequently proposed to Tatiana; who happily accepted. Bruce and Tatiana are now looking into their future options and the ways and means of them being together. Bruce has already been in discussion with HEAVENLY HEARTS about how they can assistant the couple enter into the next stage of their relationship.

Bruce comes from New South Wales in Australia and visited Ukraine in May/June, 2012.

HEAVENLY HEARTS helped and support Bruce on his recent HH Romance Tour to find a bride. HEAVENLY HEARTS can help you too! Please contact HEAVENLY HEARTS today about how they can assist you to achieve the same level of success and happiness.



Bruce & Tatiana are a definite couple!

In between meeting lovely ladies on his HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour, Bruce was introduced to the varying beauty and splendour of Ukraine. Bruce thoroughly enjoyed his sightseeing adventures and being emersed in a fascinating and diverse cultural experience...

During the course of his HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour, Bruce met many lovely and eligible ladies. As you can see by the pictures, both Bruce and the ladies had a wonderful time in each other's company. Meeting a wide cross-section of ladies did indeed help Bruce identify which lady was the most compatible one for him. Selecting one lady over another can sometimes be difficult given that there are so many wonderful women to choose from. Identifying the single most compatible lady involves an integral getting-to-know-you process. Meeting ladies is the key to success. Just ask Bruce!


BRUCE & his lovely lady, TATIANA...

Bruce & Tatiana sharing each other's company

Bruce & Tatiana enjoying a wonderful holiday together

Bruce & Tatiana at a Ukrainian night spot

Bruce & Tatiana

BRUCE purchases an engagement ring and flowers for TATIANA...

Bruce purchases a lovely diamond engagement ring for Tatiana

Bruce purchases flowers for Tatiana...

BRUCE proposes marriage to TATIANA - and she happily accepts...

Bruce proposes marriage to Tatiana - and she happily accepts...

Tatiana discussess how HEAVENLY HEARTS was instrumental in bringing Bruce and Tatiana together (in Russian)