Ian & Ina

Ian & Ina - a happy and successful HEAVENLY HEARTS couple!


Ian recently undertook a personalized Romance Tour with HEAVENLY HEARTS and achieved unparalleled success by meeting the lady of his dreams. Her name is Ina.
HEAVENLY HEARTS made it possible for Ian to achieve a new start with the ideal lady for him via HEAVENLY HEARTS’ unique service structure and Romance Tour Service. HEAVENLY HEARTS’ on-going support and guidance was a valuable asset to Ian on his HH Romance Tour and integral in organizing a meeting between Ian and Ina; that subsequently led to their successful relationship.

Ian is now preparing to return to Ukraine in the very near future and further develop his happy and harmonious relationship with Ina...(read more below)

Ian discuss his highly successful HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour (Part 1)..

Ian discuss his highly successful HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour (Part 2)...

Below is a piece of writing prepared by Ian reflecting on his recent Romance Tour experience with HEAVENLY HEARTS…

“To whom it may concern,
I have just returned from a three week personally organized HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour to Ukraine (Nov 2013) and would like to write a short piece on my experiences. I believe that what I have to say will benefit other gentlemen in gaining the most from the experience that I feel I would rather call an ‘introductory tour’.
I signed up with ‘HEAVENLY HEARTS’ some 18 months earlier with the intention of just having a tentative look-see. It became obvious to me after about 4 months that I should really make contact with several of the ladies; however, I felt that I would like to know more about the principles of this organisation.  It was at this point that I introduced myself to Malcolm, whereupon he took the time to answer my many questions; questions which, though new to me, had quite obviously been asked of HEAVENLY HEARTS by the many successful clients that had already gone before me.
Malcolm took the time to get to know me as an individual - as much as possible - under the circumstances and within reason; this may have been through 4 or 5 telephone calls in a 12 month period.  Malcolm offered me some advice and as later proven, his advice was to be spot on in every aspect However, being a person who likes to control his own destiny; the advice was not clearly received by me and I openly admit that "I was wrong in not taking Malcolm’s professional advice at the time" and "I could have made a foolish mistake by not taking on board what HEAVENLY HEARTS had to say about such matters". I would like to touch on this comment further down the page in some more detail as to why.

Ian & Ina - happy together and looking forward to a very promising future...

... Really, there are several aspects to having success in this process and yes, Malcolm did explain this to me, but I must admit to learning the hard way.
My views on the process…
View 1: Lady pictures should be considered as a guide post only - take this comment to the bank.  Why? Simply because these are only representative images and not the real flesh and blood person - you will only fully understand and appreciate this when you are there.
View 2: If you want to approach ladies prior to meting them in their home country, introduce yourself to them via a letter that is nicely worded, but also a true and honest account of who you are. Be honest about yourself because the ladies will sum you up very quickly.
View 3: Do not single out just one lady to concentrate on and don't spend weeks or months writing to this person either (I did and found the reality was nowhere near as good as the fantasy). Embrace the prospect of meeting and getting to know more ladies. That way you will have a wider selection to ultimately choose the best lady from.
View 4: Go on your HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour with an open mind. I say your ‘Tour’, but really this is going to be your ‘journey’. You will most likely come away from lady introduction meetings feeling a little unsure as to whether the lady you just met was indeed the right lady for you. However, as I found out, Miss Right was indeed there. She was just waiting for me to find her and WOW was I floored when this happened – and not only to me, but to ‘US’.  There is no doubt in our minds that we both knew there was special chemistry between us within the first 5 minutes.
View 5: Listen to Malcolm & Luda from HEAVENLY HEARTS – they know what they are talking about! As I mentioned above: due to my own foolishness, I almost missed out on meeting my special lady, Ina because I did not listen to the sage advice offered to me by the seasoned professionals at HEAVENLY HEARTS. Please don’t you make a similar error in judgement! HEAVENLY HEARTS won’t steer you wrong. The fool that I almost became was squarely pushed home to me not by any one person, but by the events that followed and I almost missed out BIG time on meeting my special lady because I let my mind close to some degree.

NOW…why was I almost a fool?

Maybe too much of View 1
Not enough of View 2
I did not follow View 3
Closed off on View 4
Disregarded View 5

What I allowed myself to do was pigeon hole what I thought was most important to me at the time and disregard what clearer minds where saying to me.  Luda got to know and understand where I was coming from quite quickly through her staff on the ground and the seemingly constant contact with Malcolm. In addition to this, Luda had the ability to see both sides of the story that was unfolding before us; a story that, quite frankly, I was never going to see. Luda knows these ladies!!!
The short part to this now long piece is simply this…I stopped, I listened, I opened my mind and then I agreed to act for, if I had not done so, I would never have found the woman who I believe to be not just Miss Right, but Miss Right for me.  The lady who turned out to be my soul mate / Miss Right was not the lady that I had initially intended to meet and live happily ever after with (View 3), but rather someone about whom I had openly and blatantly made the comment: "No, I'm not interested in her." Why did I make such as comment? My mistaken thinking regarded her as too young (by 10 years); she lived too far away from where I was centralized in Ukraine (2 hour’s drive); and the picture was not appealing (not glamorous enough).  What I found in reality is this lady was very mature, highly-skilled; very talented; made every effort at every possible opportunity to travel from her town to visit me; and is incredibly attractive – and not only in terms of physical appearance, but, more importantly, by her very nature and personality.

My hat comes off to HEAVENLY HEARTS and I humbly thank you for your efforts and persistence.”

Melbourne, Australia.
November, 2013


Prior to meeting and spending time exclusively with Irina, Ian had a terrific time sightseeing and visiting a diverse number of
Ukrainian locations (in between meeting eligible ladies)...

During the course of his HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour, Ian met many lovely and eligible ladies. HEAVENLY HEARTS was on-hand to offer Ian on-going security and support. As you can see by the pictures, both Ian and the ladies had a wonderful time in each other's company. Selecting one lady over another can sometimes be difficult given that there are so many wonderful women to choose from. Identifying the most compatible lady involves an integral getting-to-know-you process. Meeting ladies is the key to success. Just ask Ian!


IAN & INA develop their deepening relationship...