Mischa & Alina (Wedding & HH Romance Tour)


Mischa marries lovely Alina whom he met on his highly successful HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour...

Mischa and Alina (from Ukraine) make Sydney, Australia home....


More on Mischa's highly successful HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour...

Mischa discuss the terrifc service and support given to him by HEAVENLYHEARTS on his recent Romance Tour to Ukraine

Mischa enlisted the professional assistance and services of HEAVENLY HEARTS in order to help him in his quest to find a lady for a long-term loving relationship. Mischa had been a Member of HEAVENLY HEARTS for a lengthy period before approaching HH about utilizing their professional Service Structure and expertise via HEAVENLY HEARTS’ Romance Tour service. Mischa had been corresponding and chatting with a series of women from the database of one of HEAVENLY HEARTS’ competitors in addition to maintaining Membership with HEAVENLY HEARTS. Mischa wanted to visit Ukraine and meet ladies he was interested in. However, he was extremely wary of going to Ukraine on an organized Romance Tour with anyone except HEAVENLY HEARTS. Mischa was fully aware of HEAVENLY HEARTS’ outstanding reputation for honesty, reliability and professionalism. He also knew that HEAVENLY HEARTS stands alone when it comes to helping their clients find lovely and eligible ladies to meet and marry. Mischa was fully aware that the Internet is rife with connivers and scam web sites; all ready to exploit and use sincere men for money. Mischa wanted nothing to do with the so-called Tour services of any of HH’s competition. Rather, Mischa insisted that HEAVENLY HEARTS help him on his quest and arrange all the related services and amenities on his proposed HH Romance Tour to Ukraine to meet eligible ladies. HH was happy to help Mischa and ensure that any lady that was not a registered member of HEAVENLY HEARTS was thoroughly scrutinized. HH personnel were there at meetings and in Mischa’s dealings with ladies and locals. Due to HEAVENLY HEARTS’ diligence and professionalism, Misha’s was able to identify potentially suitable ladies from those ladies he met who were not registered HH Members. HEAVENLY HEARTS used their extensive range of resources in order to organize a comprehensive Romance Tour for Mischa to Ukraine. After enjoying his HH Romance Tour and all it had to offer, Mischa is now considering which lady is the best one for him to pursue for a future relationship.

Mischa comes from New South Wales in Australia and visited Ukraine in May, 2012

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HEAVENLY HEARTS assisted Mischa in fulfilling a long-held wish to experience Soviet army life and weaponry by arranging for him to undertake a day’s Tour of a simulated military location in Ukraine and use authentic Soviet era resources there – including army machinery and weaponry…

Mischa experiences Soviet era weaponry - a long-held interest of Mischa's

 In between meeting ladies, Mischa took time-out to see the local sights. Mischa had a terrific time soaking-up the wonderful country and culture that is Ukraine..

During the course of his HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour, Mischa met many lovely and eligible ladies. HEAVENLY HEARTS was on-hand to offer Mischa security and support. As you can see by the pictures, both Mischa and the ladies had a wonderful time in each other's company. Selecting one lady over another can sometimes be difficult given that there are so many wonderful women to choose from. Identifying the single most compatible lady involves an integral getting-to-know-you process. Meeting ladies is the key to success. Just ask Mischa!