Ryan discusses the progress of his HH Romance Tour

I had a fantastic time on my recent HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour to Ukraine. I meet many lovely ladies, several of whom I am very interested in getting to know better. I am already planning a second HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour to Ukraine, which I intend to take as soon as possible. HEAVENLY HEARTS offers the VERY BEST in professional support and service. I suppose that I am one of many thousands upon thousands of Australian men who cannot find the type of lady they are looking for in their own homeland. The kind of lady I am personally looking for is one who is honest, loyal, sincere and faithful. She also needs to be a lady who is in possession of ‘old fashioned or old world’ family values – the kind that most women from Western-based countries largely don’t possess anymore. Not wanting to go the clubs and pubs dating scene route, which almost always leads to failure due to the fact that it doesn’t bring men in contact with lovely and loving ladies that are both eligible and in full possession of ‘old world’ values, I opted instead for the more direct route to a better type of lady offered by HEAVENLY HEARTS. It is widely known that Ukrainian ladies are amongst the most beautiful in the world. Not only that, but the vast majority of ladies from Ukraine are known to possess a cultural mindset and set of values very much in keeping with the old world, family values I am looking for. They treat a man with respect, consideration, loyalty and honest love. There was never any doubt in my mind that Ukraine was THE place to go to be introduced to ladies who had a good set of values and were sincerely looking for a good man to marry and have a happy life with. I’d heard that the men in Ukraine were largely on a par with women from Australia in their attitudes, outlook and in the rather shabby way they are seen to treat members of the opposite gender. Ukrainian men, by and large, are known to philander and quite often over-indulge in substance abuse. They way they conduct themselves in no way endears them to the women of their country. I believe that this is why Ukrainian ladies are so keen to find a good man from Western-based countries; especially Australia. From my recent experience I can categorically say that for 99% of the ladies in Ukraine, a foreign man is not seen as a meal ticket or a passport out of the country. Absolutely not! He is looked upon as someone who can bring her love and a happy future - and that’s the way it should be. In the lead-up to my Romance Tour, I liaised with HEAVENLY HEARTS quite extensively. We discussed many matters, such as the type of lady I was looking for. We used my lady interest criteria to identify ladies from HEAVENLY HEARTS’ extensive database. We placed these lady profiles in my HH web site Keepsakes List area so that we could refer to each respective lady’s on-line personal profile, easily and quickly. This function proved to be invaluable. Malcolm & Luda from HEAVENLY HEARTS greatly assisted me by also recommending potentially compatible ladies to meet on my forthcoming Tour. I was very impressed with the way that HEAVENLY HEARTS had everything planned and fully organized long before I arrived in Ukraine. They assisted me with visa organization, an airport pick-up and transportation to my fully-furnished private apartment. They also organized meetings with ladies, guide/translator assistance and invaluable on-going assistance and consultancy. Their professionalism was beyond reproach. (In the lead-up to my HH Romance Tour, Malcolm & Luda spoke to me about the fact that ’60 Minutes’, the leading news/current affairs show in Australia was interested in doing a story on Australian men heading to Ukraine to look for love. ‘60 Minutes’ approached HEAVENLY HEARTS about involving them in the story and featuring their personalized Romance Tour service structure to form the story framework. HEAVENLY HEARTS was very happy to become involved in order to show the positive side of utilizing the Internet and cyberspace to find love with the right person, in particular an Australian man and a lovely lady from Ukraine). I arrived in Ukraine fully confident that the BEST people were there to look after me. I was met at the airport by HEAVENLY HEARTS and transported to my private apartment in HEAVENLY HEARTS’ private car. The service, right from the outset, was outstanding. HH helped me orientate myself and saw that anything I needed was provided. After I’d rested from my trip, I was ready to commence meeting ladies. Prior to my first lady meeting, Malcolm & Luda, who were in Ukraine, dropped by apartment to introduce themselves and check to make sure I was happy with the service and amenities. I certainly had no complaints and was looking forward to everything that lay ahead.

HEAVENLY HEARTS provided me with a highly experienced guide/translator to assist me in navigating the city (Kharkov) and was with me at all my meetings with ladies. Kharkov was a terrific place to stay. There were many interesting places to visit and experience.

The ladies I met were all lovely. I wasn’t disappointed with any of them. Whilst I didn’t ‘click’ with all of them, each was a beautiful person in her own right. I had a wonderful time meeting all the ladies. They were all personable, intelligent, friendly, well-spoken and attractive. Upon getting to know each of them, I learned that they were 100% sincere in their intentions and determination to find a good husband. I felt sad for the ladies living in Ukraine due to the fact that aren’t enough good and responsible men there for them. It’s very much like back home in my country, trying to find a good, kind and loving lady with good values in Australia is a lot like trying to find a needle in a haystack. In Ukraine, there is no shortage of wonderful ladies. If anything, there are too many wonderful ladies. Trying to choose between them is exceptionally difficult. I’d say that is probably the greatest difficulty I faced on my Romance Tour – making a choice between all the terrific and eligible ladies there. There are just so many!

As I had limited time on this, my first trip to Ukraine, there were ladies that I met whom I was very interested in getting to know better. Two ladies in particular caught my fancy; these were Olga and Irina. Another lady, Tatiana, I also found to be very special. Tatiana and I went on a horse-drawn carriage ride in the park. Olga and I spent much time together sightseeing and dining. Irina invited me to her home to see where she lives (in regional Kharkov). I met her mother and we had a great dinner there together. Irina even came with me to the airport to see me off when I returned to Australia.

I’m looking forward to retuning to Ukraine in a few months to pick-off where I left-off. HEAVENLY HEARTS has put me in touch with those ladies from my Tour I was interested in maintaining contact with. HEAVENLY HEARTS will once again be liaising with me in the organizational lead-up to my follow-up Tour.

To all those single men who are contemplating going to Ukraine to find a lovely lady for marriage and a happy, long-term relationship, I heartily recommend you enlist the professional and highly experienced services of HEAVENLY HEARTS. If anyone can help you, they can. They helped me to have a truly wonderful experience, both in terms of providing me with a terrific holiday abroad and, at the same time, enabling me to meet a succession of lovely and eligible ladies.

Thank you HEAVENLY HEARTS! See you again soon….

Ryan (Perth, Australia), July, 2011

During the course of his HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour, Ryan met many lovely and eligible ladies. As you can see by the above pictures, both Ryan and the ladies had a wonderful time in each other's company. Meeting a wide cross-section of ladies did indeed help Ryan identify which ladies were the most compatible one for him. Identifying the most compatible ladies involves an integral getting-to-know-you process. Meeting ladies is the key to success. Just ask Ryan!

Ryan & Irina


Ryan meets Irina


Ryan & Olga

Ryan & Tatiana

Ryan and many Lovely Ladies