Ryan & Veronika's Wedding & Honeymoon

Ryan discusses his highly successful HEAVENLY HEARTS Wedding & Honeymoon Tour...

Having successfully undertaken a first HEAVENLY HEARTS Romance Tour to find a special lady – Veronika, and having become engaged to her on the Tour, Ryan organized a second successful Romance Tour through HEAVENLY HEARTS to return to his fiancée in her homeland of Ukraine, marry her and spend quality time together on a honeymoon holiday.
HEAVENLY HEARTS ensured that the happy couple was well looked after and that they had the best possible time together. Below are pictures and video clips highlighting Ryan and Veronika’s Ukrainian wedding and honeymoon holiday.
HEAVENLY HEARTS are now further assisting the happy couple with their next step of bringing Veronika to Australia to live permanently with Ryan as husband and wife. HEAVENLY HEARTS helped bring Ryan and Veronika together – and they can help you too. Please contact us for further assistance or consultation.

Ryan returned to Veronika in Ukraine during October, 2013





Ryan & Veronika's Wedding Reception





HEAVENLY HEARTS planned and organized Ryan & Veronika's special honeymoon holiday within Ukraine...


Ryan & Veronila's Honeymoon Trip